Edie Melson shares how her creativity is from her family.  Both of her parents are on the high end of the creativity spectrum.  Surprisingly, she shares that she grew up during the 60’s in a VM bug.  How fun!  Edie encourages us to be true to who we are with your own creativity.

Edie MelsonEdie Melson wrote Soul Care: When You’re Weary.  The idea behind the book is that when we are tired and in a crisis and we need God more than ever. Unfortunately, we have no energy.

It is five short chapters. Each chapter has devotions, prayers and creative activities.  We need to make time in our life to be creative.

We are a society that is exhausted.  Surprisingly, we think that playing is wasting time.  Edie has found that when many people play, they are energized.

When Edie shares about the woman that was to be stoned it was very moving.  She shares an activity using stones.

Edie closes with sharing to those out there that feel weary.  If you missed our live interview, you can watch the interview here.


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Soul Care When You’re Weary

Our lives are busier each day, and the margin we have available for recovery and peace is shrinking.

Soul CareEdie Melson helps you find Soul Care solutions using devotions and prayers and opportunities for creative expression. She has learned that sensory involvement deepens our relationship with the Father and gives rest to our weary souls. She will teach you to tap into your creativity. Reconnect with God using your tactile creativity. Warning! This book may become dog-eared and stained. Draw in it. Experiment with your creative passions. Learn the healing power of play. Allow God’s power to flow through creativity. Soul Care When You’re Weary will become your heart treasure.

Edie Melson

Find your voice, live your story…is the foundation of Edie Melson’s message, no matter if she’s writing for fiction Edie Melsonreaders, parents, military families, fiction readers or writers. As an author, blogger, and speaker she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world. Her numerous books reflect her passion to help others develop the strength of their God-given gifts and apply them to their lives.

She’s a leading professional within the publishing industry. Edie travels to numerous conferences as a popular keynote, writing instructor and mentor. Her blog for writers, The Write Conversation, reaches thousands each month and has been named a Writer’s Digest Top 101 Websites for Writers in 2017.

She’s a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, the Social Media Director for Southern Writers Magazine, as well as a regular columnist for Guideposts.org, Todd Starnes.com, Just18Summers.com and PuttingOnTheNew.com.

She married the love of her life 35+ years ago and together they’ve raised three sons. Besides writing, Edie enjoys hiking in the out-of-doors with her camera slung across her back and her husband at her side.