Welcome to

More Than a Review (MTAR)!

Hi everyone!

I’m Donna Feyen, founder of MTAR. As a passionate reader (like many of you!), I created this space in 2012 because I craved in-depth reviews that went beyond the traditional format.

Here at MTAR, you’ll find comprehensive reviews with a warning for triggering or unwanted content, helping you choose books that align with your preferences.

A Look at My World

Here’s a glimpse into my life outside of books:


My husband Ray and I live in Northwest Arkansas with our German Shorthaired Pointer. We’ve been married since 2002 and enjoy being on, in or near water.

Life Highlights

I am a fan of Elvis, Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman.

Beach Bum

Relaxing on a quiet beach with a good book is pure bliss.

Bookworm’s Paradise

Attending book and reader conferences is how I spend my PTO.

Proud Military Supporter

We have family and friends who served, and our daughter Emily is in the Army National Guard.

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