Patty Mason shares Finally Free: Breaking the Bonds of Depression both her story and her husband’s in the book.  In our interview Patty shares how outwardly her life looked wonderful but inside she was dealing with a lot of issues.     Depression can cripple your mind and make you think your family is better off without you.  Depression can manifest itself in feelings of sadness, anger, rage and hopelessness.

Although Patty grew up in church she did not have a personal relationship with Jesus.  When she finally reached out to him it was not for healing.  It was to take her life.

In this interview, Patty shares her story of how she found freedom from depression through Jesus Christ.

Finally Free: Breaking the Bonds of Depression

Finally Free: breaking the bond of depressionIf you are suffering from depression there is Hope!
Millions are suffering, facing an onslaught of pain and despair that seems unending. Countless individuals are trapped under the weight of depression. Where is help? Where are the answers? Can freedom ever be theirs again?

Patty Mason knows the pain and devastation of depression, but she is no longer in that dark place! Her passion and deep-seated conviction to help others learn the truth and break the cycle, compelled Patty to extend hope by earnestly sharing her story of how she became Finally Free, Breaking the Bonds of Depression without Drugs.
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Patty Mason is a wife, mother, and grandmother who found hope and healing when Jesus reached into her well of depression and set her free. From her painful past, battle with depression, anger, and insecurities, God created Liberty in Christ, a ministry dedicated to helping others overcome hindrances and discover, embrace, and live out their freedom in Jesus Christ with boldness.
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