Zelma exudes God’s love from the minute you meet her.  She was interested in the story of Kay and I before the interview.  She asked us to pray before the interview.  This woman has a heart for God and the underprivileged both 2 legged and 4 legged.   She has an amazing story that is also the inspiration for the book Zelma’s farm.   Zelma is one of those women that will give you the coat off her back or her last piece of chocolate.

You can visit the website https://www.zelmasfarm.com/ and learn more about the animals on the farm and Zelma’s purpose.  Kids will LOVE the website and the animal videos.

Zelma has three communities that she is trying to reach with the book.  Christian, Farming and Disadvantaged/Disabled.  Zelma’s Farm is a rescue farm for animals. Hearing her tell about the animals and their names is so fun.  Zelma also shares a new idea she is working on.  Spending time with Zelma is such a blessing. You don’t want to miss this interview.

If you missed Zelma’s Facebook live post with More Than a Review you can watch it here.


zelmaZelma Loseke has been running her farm for many years now.  In the Fall of 2016, Zelma decided to add community service events and short animations to her beautiful landscapes.  All donations on the site go to benefit Vermont Right to Life Foundation and all animations are created by local organizations and student animators.

zelmas farmZelma’s Farm

Zelma’s Farm tells the story of a little girl whose happy life is turned upside down by the tragic loss of her father and farm. Under the watchful eye of her Heavenly Father she vows to build a farm of her own. People bring her their unwanted animals and she takes them in. She creates a place where children find safety and beauty, while they learn the value of responsibility and hard work. Gardening, sugaring, beekeeping, animal care and apple picking are just some of the simple pleasures associated with farm life.

Zelma s Farm shares how God calls the broken and unqualified to do his work in this world. He redeems and qualifies those He calls.

The simple text and beautiful luminous watercolor paintings by Bert Dodson are perfect for reading aloud to your child or for beginning readers to discover for themselves