I will never read the bible the same again. When you are in the locations you read about in the bible, it makes it come alive. I have shared some of my examples below. While I was in Israel I would copy scripture from the location we were at to remember the experience both from the bible and my time in Israel.

It also made me understand why authors like to travel to a location when they write a book about a specific area. I expected Israel to be all rock and no vegetation. You can see from my pictures that there are areas that are lush and green and beautiful.

Not a Once in a Lifetime Trip

It has been extremely hard to pick photos that can adequately communicate my experience in Israel. It was truly life changing. I have already decided I will go back with my husband, my niece and a few friends. So God willing, it will not be a once in a lifetime trip for me.

Do you think Israel is beautiful?

Admittedly I expected Israel to be all desert. I was blown away by the beauty of the country side. I took several pictures of the rolling hills of green grass and trees to prove to my friends and family back home that it was not all desert. And the sunsets were breathtaking.

Is the bible true?

I learned a lot about the Dead Sea Scrolls. I recommend finding a good documentary on them. This is what I plan to do now that I am home. If you find a good one, would love for you to share it with us.

When Should You Go to Israel?

I highly recommend a trip to Israel. I also recommend researching who you go with. Our church and tour company have a lot of contacts to make sure it is safe when we go. They also know the best places to eat, stay, and use your credit card. There were some places they recommended using cash. The time of the year is also important.