Julianne Kelsch is an author and freelance writer who picked up the pen after the birth of her second child. A mother of four, she believes words have a special kind of magic all their own. With a word you can open the heart or break the soul; you can breathe life into love or distinguish the final flame. For her, reading is a place to experience worlds unseen and lives never lived; writing is the place to create them. 




For Lily Frost, love is a double edged sword. She craves it, she needs it, but the asking price for love may be her life.
After her mother’s apparent suicide, Lily receives a terrible warning: leave California or run the risk of death. Afraid for her life, she flees. Her only hope for safety lies with her father, a man who abandoned her when she was five. But while she searches for him, she discovers love and safety in the arms of James Prescott.
James is a man tormented by his mother’s unsolved murder. More than anything he wants to see her killer lifeless, lying in a shallow grave. When Lily enters his life, he realizes that he hasn’t been living. Lily shines for him, a light that finally pierces the darkness. For the first time in years, he feels hope. Their relationship blossoms and Lily discovers that she is worthy of love. However, she soon realizes that the safety she craves and the love she’s found may be short lived.
The past James carries and the life Lily left behind collide, throwing the couple into the path of the murderer. Secrets long buried come to surface and threaten to destroy everything. Will they face their demons together or will they let the past tear them apart?

1. For my tenth anniversary I went to Jamaica and renewed my wedding vows; it was glorious!
2. I hate being cold so I wear fuzzy slippers all winter. This year’s model makes me look like the abominable snowman.
3. I teach piano lessons (and I have no patience) – I’m still not sure how that works.
4. The wall behind my bed is painted to look like an ocean sunset. It
would probably throw most designers into a tailspin, but I love it.
5. I spent a lot of my childhood reading and devoured everything I could.
When I was eleven I decided the vital components of every novel
included: suspense, drama, action, comedy, and romance. When I started
writing I cut out comedy because, to be frank, I’m just not funny.
6. My husband tells me I’m like a fine wine – I get better with age. I’m
grateful for this because I haven’t figured out what he saw in me in the
first place.
7. I believe words have a special kind of
magic. Many wonderful souls penned beautiful words that impacted my
life. Some of them caused me to think in a different way, some of them
gave me joy, many of them just made me smile, and some of them I escaped
into. I hope in some way I can return the favor.
8. When I was growing up I always wanted the kind of love I read about in my
novels. It didn’t happen overnight, but I never lost that dream; I
realized recently that I have the kind of love I read about in my
novels, but it took me years to see it. I’m grateful my eyes finally
9. I am well versed in the language of sarcasm.
10. I dream about having an office filled with geeky stuff. I can see it
all in my head – posters of my favorite stories and characters line the
walls, lego sets of Lord of the Rings or the Disney princess castles are
set strategically on shelves and desks; somewhere near the office is a
library, and I’ll probably have costumes designed to match the
characters I love. I’m a kid at heart, operating as an adult, always
looking to embrace the child inside. Right now I embrace these things
covertly (jewelry is a great way to express my geekiness without
overdoing it), but someday I’ll have my office.
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