Here at More Than a Review, we’re continually working to make your experience with our website easier and more satisfying. One of the options that we know most of our visitors aren’t taking advantage of yet is the Advanced Search.

Here’s how it works!

One the home page and most other pages of the website, you’ll see the Advanced Search option — it’s circled below:

Click on it and you’ll see a simple form:

Fill out the form with your preferred genre and the limits you’d like to set on the other elements. The example below shows that we want to see Action/Adventure books with ratings of 4 stars or above — only the ones people are really excited about. We don’t want to see anything with more than a level 2 in violence and we don’t want drugs or alcohol to feature in the story at all, but we’re okay with a bit of graphic sex as long as it’s not the main focus of the book.

Push the Search button, and we’re presented with a collection of books that meet our exact criteria:

As more readers join our community and write reviews, we’ll have more choices, but we already have enough that you can expect most Advanced Searches to turn up several books to choose from — or lots, depending on your criteria.

We hope you’ll help us build More Than a Review! We have big plans for the new year, and we want you to be part of them.