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Aloha again! One of my favorite things about Hawaii is all of the delicious food available here, so I thought it might be fun to make a list of 10 foods to try when you visit Hawaii. In no particular order, here they are!

  1. Mangoes. You have not lived until you’ve eaten a Hawaiian mango. I eat lots of them since they grow on the tree in Kim’s yard.
  2. Poi. The quintessential Hawaiian food. Poi is a paste made from the taro root and it’s something of an acquired taste. One of the best ways to try it is at a luau.
  3. Spam! Okay, so spam is widely available, but nowhere else is it so commonly found in restaurants as a main ingredient. You can get it on a sandwich, as a breakfast dish, in sushi, and even at McDonalds.
  4. Mahi Mahi. You can’t come to Hawaii and not try the seafood, and mahi mahi is one of the most commonly served fishes here. It’s sometimes referred to as dolphin fish, but it is definitely not a dolphin.
  5. Pineapple. Obviously!
  6. Shave Ice. Exactly what it sounds like and similar to a snow cone—but don’t call it that! It’s lighter, softer, and fluffier than a snow cone, and the best places make feature homemade syrups like banana, coconut, watermelon, and even Kona Coffee.
  7. Kalua Pork. Kalua is a traditional Hawaiian method used to cook food in an underground oven called an imu. This is the style of pork that’s served at a luau.
  8. Poke. The Hawaiian term for raw fish. It’s usually served cut into cubes with a splash of soy sauce or something like that. You can also get it as a poke bowl over rice.
  9. Loco Moco. There are lots of versions but this is essentially a hamburger patty topped with a fried rice and brown gravy all served over white rice. This one is easy to find, especially at plate lunch places. Speaking of…
  10. Plate Lunch. Ubiquitous all over the islands. Plate lunch is traditionally a main (usually a meat), some potato salad, and a couple scoops of white rice. Cheap, fast and filling. I usually get teriyaki chicken.

All this talk of food is making me hungry so I’m off to grab some lunch. Aloha for now!


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Jessica Stone is an American writer currently living in Shanghai, China with her family. A lover of travel, she writes contemporary romance set in exotic locations around the globe. Her interests include classical history and literature, live music, and craft brewing.

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Tropical Nights

Author:  Jessica Stone

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Lucas Kent didn’t expect trouble to follow him to Honolulu. But danger, like love, is often where you least expect it.

Alicia Baker is a directionless diamond heiress nursing an obsession with detective novels when a real life investigation falls in her lap.

When Alicia finds out Lucas is a murder suspect, she tries to fight her growing attraction to him to solve this mystery. With the enemy hot on their trail, Lucas struggles to find his friend’s killer before the killer finds them.