In our interview Tonya Neal shares a bit about her past and how it impacted the creation of The Ashes of Tamar.  Tonya NealThe Ashes of Tamar is a Journey from Desolation to Restoration. It’s a faith based workbook intended for survivors of traumatic events such as domestic violence, sex-trafficking and sexual abuse.

Tonya has such a passion for helping  women that have not recovered from the past. When Tonya starts talking about what inspired her and who the books are for, you can feel her passion jumping through the screen.

My favorite quote from Tonya:

Be more than a survivor; Be a Conqueror!

Tonya R Neal

Tonya NealTonya Neal is a passionate Christian leader.  Her desire is to see women live a life that is free of guilt, shame and defeat. She has a masters degree in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Christian Education. She lives in Grand Prairie, TX.


The Ashes of Tamar

This 9-week study centers around the life of Tamar, King David’s daughter, in 2 Samuel 13:1-21. The Bible is full of stories of women like many of us who have battled abuse and feelings of rejection, shame, fear, and a host of other negative emotions and traumatic events. Unfortunately, Tamar never recovered. This practical study is for women who wish to move from a life of desolation to living a restored life.- “Desolation Ain’t Your Destination™”

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