tis-the-seasonSusan Henshaw has made it through another Christmas (if you’ve read Wolzien’s We Wish You a Merry Murder, you know that Christmas is a major production for Connecticut super housewife Susan) and is getting ready for her annual New Year’s party. Susan loves to entertain, but this year she decided to hire the fashionable new caterers in town, The Holly and Ms. Ivy. With

When Z. Holly disappears, leaving his business partner (and more?) Gwen Ivy with a black eye she can’t explain convincingly, Susan begins to worry about her party. When Z. turns up in the middle of a van load of balloons, Susan has even more to worry about. Her happy little suburban community seems to have a lot more secrets than she realized — and some of those secrets involve her nearest and dearest.

The book is filled with delectable details of parties and complicated relationships. Just the book for reading by the fire between Christmas and New Years!