Phyllis Newsome is a sweet old grandma who spends her time baking, doing good works around town, looking after her grandson, and conducting an extremely proper romance with her lodger.

As the Harvest Festival approaches in the little Texas town where she lives, Phyllis is perfecting her special pumpkin muffins (recipe included in the book!) and getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast for a houseful of guests.

When one of the festival scarecrows turns out to be stuffed not with straw but with a dead body, Phyllis turns out to have a knack for detection as well as baking. With the help of her friends, she manages to find the real killer before it’s too late!

This is a slow-paced novel, with the focus on the relationships among the characters as much as on the puzzle of the mystery. Perfect for an autumn afternoon before the fire, or the nightstand of your guest room if you, like Phyllis, have people coming to stay for Thanksgiving.