double-wedding-ringNell Fitzgerald works with her grandmother at Someday Quilts, a quilt shop in the small town of Archer’s Rest. She’s dating the local police chief, getting ready for the wedding of her grandmother and a dashing suitor also in his seventies, enjoying the company of her friends at the local coffee shop and in the shop’s quilting group, and generally enjoying a peaceful life.

Her mother is convinced that this isn’t good enough for Nell — she wants Nell to have a more exciting life. As it happens, Nell’s life is about to get much more exciting. First, she stumbles upon a body (who just happens to be an old friend and colleague of her boyfriend Jesse, the police chief), then she gains the attention of a stalker, and finally the widow of the murder victim comes to stay with Jesse and gets a lot cozier than she’d like.

With a wedding coming up, decisions to make about her life, and growing danger, Nell’s life  is exciting enough that the only point of calm is quilting.

The characters are complex and likeable, the puzzle is neatly plotted, and readers will want to read more about Nell, her family, and her friends.