Stephanie Winston is getting ready for Thanksgiving. She has her parents staying with her, as well as her sister and her sister’s fiance, a guy who gives her the creeps.

Add her BFF who lives across the street, a variety of dogs and cats, and her rival since childhood, Natasha, who just happens to be living with Stephanie’s ex-husband. Wait, there’s more! A private eye, her former mother in law and sister and brother in law, an eccentric neighbor lady, a gentleman of a certain age who seems to be irresistible to the older ladies, a talk show host whose relationship with his driver seems a little unusual, a crazy cat lady, a British friend of the family, a guy Stephanie used to know who seems to have had a crush on her since junior high, and a dishy detective. There are more, but depth of character is not the strong point of this book; it’s hard to keep all the characters straight because they’re generally not very memorable.

They all get in on the Thanksgiving dinner, though, and that is memorable. recipes and decorating tips, as well as lovingly described dishes served up at all times of the day and night make this an inspiring book for Thanksgiving reading.