Botox_diariesThink of a favorite Coming of Age novel. Trade peer pressure to try marijuana or alcohol for peer pressure to try Botox and plastic surgery, student crushes for extramarital affairs, and insecurity about growing up for insecurity about growin older — you have The Botox Diaries.

The story centers on Jessica Taylor, a single mom and teacher who is dipping her toes in a friend’s expensive and glamorous lifestyle as they share a midlife crisis. As an outsider, she has some intersting observations as she tries out tantric sex, hotel room romps with her ex-husband, blind dates, and other sports. As she and her friends make their way through turning forty, she learns some lessons and maybe even finds new love.

The book is well written, wryly witty, and insightful. Chick it fans who have outgrown Bridget Jones should enjoy it.