He could very easily
picture his life like this. With a woman who loved him and smiled at him like
he wasn’t a monster.
Except he was.
The Beast of Ravenston
takes Elizabeth from Betraying Ever After
 and throws her into a place she fears more than
any other… Ravenston. A small town in the middle of a thick forest, Ravenston
is home to the Duke– Nicholas Wellington– a man who not only has been scarred
by a fire but is a man to be feared. He lives up to his reputation as ‘The
Nicholas wants to know
who set the fire that disfigured him which means helping Mr. Dodsworth. Help
Mr. Dodsworth– get the name– get his revenge
Except what Mr.
Dodsworth wants Nicholas to do is worse than anything he’s done in his past:
 make the girl pay.
Can Nicholas do what
needs to be done to get his revenge? Or will Elizabeth steal something he
didn’t know he still had– his heart?
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