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PENSACOLA, FL–June 25, 2021
 Nearly 1 in 4 children are overweight or suffer from obesity. Susan U. Neal RN, MBA, MHS wants to eradicate this epidemic by educating children about developing wholesome eating habits through her newest release, Eat God’s Food: A Kid’s Guide to Healthy Eating.Susan helped thousands improve their health and weight with her award-winning bestseller, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates. Now she’s educating children through picture books.

Instead of letting a child’s taste buds rule over the family’s food choices, Eat God’s Food teaches them to love the right kinds of food before they form bad eating habits. Susan says, “It’s easier to influence a child’s food choices when they are young. Kids are smart; they can understand that whole foods contain nutrients and processed foods don’t.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control states kindergarteners who are overweight are four times more likely to have obesity by eighth grade.

Eat God’s Food teaches children to avoid junk food and instead:·        drink water, not beverages that are loaded with sugar·        avoid products made with white flour as the nutrients are stripped from the wheat·        avoid prepackaged foods because they do not provide the body with vitamins and minerals·        read food labels to determine if food companies added sugar, corn syrup, preservatives, or other harmful ingredients
Eat God’s Food also includes fun educational activities:·        Draw vegetables·        Identify fruit colors·        Count the vegetables you have eaten (50+ listed)·        Match nuts, grains, and seeds with their pictures·        Find high-protein foods·        Determine when seasonal fruits and vegetables ripen·        Seek and find fruit·        Identify unhealthy items on a food label
Teaching kids early in their formative years to eat a healthy diet and limit caloric-rich sweets and processed foods is key to decreasing the childhood obesity epidemic.

Eat God’s Food 
(ISBN 978-1649492890 Trade Paper $12.99, ISBN 978-1649492906 Hardcover $24.99, ASIN B097P6QPQV eBook $5.99) from Elk Lake Publishing is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Susan U. Neal RN, MBA, MHS teaches both adults and children healthy nutritional guidelines. Not only that, she lives out what she teaches. She eats organic vegetables and fruits she’s grown in her own backyard. Susan loves to share with others what she’s learned about health and nutrition. Her award-winning, best seller, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydratessold well in the adult market. Now she wants to educate children about developing wholesome eating habits.ABOUT THE PUBLISHER

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