Liz is slowly accomplishing her goals:

1.      Get out of her small town- CHECK
2.      Graduate College- CHECK
3.      Move to New York- CHECK
4.      Get a job- working on it
5.      Find drama- WAIT! NO! 
Finding drama was NOT on her to-do list, but apparently life didn’t get the memo, because it threw her one heck of a curveball. What curveball you ask? It’s not a what, but a who and that who would be Mr. Kade Ian Parker. The tattooed, short-tempered, sexier than should be allowed businessman, has turned her world more than upside down. He obliterated it. Her life has turned into something that even a soap opera writer couldn’t come up with.
            Kade never wanted to find love. He saw how his family crumbled after his mom left; there was no way he was going to be crushed by another woman. No one had come close to making him want more, until her. No matter how hard he fought his attraction and oh did he try. Hell, he basically pushed her into another man’s arms, nothing changed.  He. Still. Wanted. Her.  


About me? Hmm . . . I hate this part.

It kind of makes me feel like I’m answering questions for a dating service, but
here you go. . .
          I’ve spent most of my life in one part or another of Missouri. The last four years,
through my husband’s career, I’ve gotten to live in Texas and Georgia.
          My husband and I have been married for ten years. We have two beautiful boys, who
will most likely drive me to insanity before they’re ten. We have three
disgusting snakes (Can you tell it wasn’t my idea?). Now we’ve added a Rat
terrier puppy to the crazy mix, who is beyond spoiled, but at least I get to
dress someone in pink.
          I’d never planned on being a writer, never even crossed my mind. It started as a
way to escape during a difficult time in my life and then I realized how much I
loved it. I’d finished my first book and couldn’t wait to start the next one.
Now I’m on book four and already have ideas for number five running through my
          I never thought writing would be more than a hobby, but when I was given the
opportunity to publish, I decided to take it. Who knows where the future will
lead, maybe I’ll sell one book or a thousand, but at least I fought my fear of
the unknown and tried.
          I have a ton of people to thank. My husband and children for putting up with me. My sister for giving me the idea by getting me addicted to my Kindle. If there was a
Kindle’s Anonymous, I’d probably need to be a member. My parents for always
believing in anything I do. Julie of Amazing Things Press for giving me a shot.
Last, but definitely not least my fans (when I get some) for taking a chance on
an unknown writer.  

With Love,


       “Life in the city is a lot different than where you’re from, so why don’t you just go
back? You’d never survive here.” Oh crap. “And where did you get that
ridiculous nickname ‘Gel?’ Let me guess, you were trying to spell leg, but
couldn’t, so you made it her nickname to cover your stupidity.” Now I tried to
push my way in between them, but Kade grabbed my arm and pulled me behind him.
     Brent yelled, “Let her go!” I jerked my hand free and tried to get in between them
again. The expressions on both of their faces terrified the hell out of me.
Everyone around us made a smart move to step away before punches were thrown.
“For your information ‘Gel’ is short for Angel, because she is my angel, the
love of my life.” What? I was the love of his life? I would have to think about
that later; right now I had to stop this fight. “I know you don’t understand
the word love, because I’m guessing a self-centered jerk like you has never
been in love.” That was the last straw. Brent pushed me out of the way right
before Kade hit him in the face.
      Before I knew what was happening, Brent had punched Kade back. After a couple more
punches were thrown, I finally found my voice. I screamed but it didn’t sound
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