Are you ready to start 2019?  Would you like to make some changes in 2019?   I am giving away a hardcopy of The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes by Allyson Lewis.  I highly recommend it.

About the Book:

Welcome to The 7 Minute Life. Time management, productivity and organizational skills are building blocks for success and profitability. Yet, an increasing number of individuals want to re-connect with their priorities, re-discover their purpose in life and create goals and dreams that inspire and motivate them at work and at home.

Life offers only a few defining moments where a line is drawn in the sand and you can choose to remain the same or you can choose to be different. Chose to be different.

“In just seven minutes my life changed forever, in this book I will share exactly what happened to me and how it can happen to you.””

In The Seven Minute Difference, Lewis motivates us to grow through micro-actions that can be completed in as little as seven minutes. According to Lewis, small efforts such as  working from a written daily plan of action or a change of schedule can make the difference between mediocrity and excellence.

Do you want more? More hope, more joy, more fun and, more fulfillment? Change is the essence of life; the biggest, most meaningful, and dramatic differences in our lives and in our world are really just the result of a series of small, seemingly insignificant changes. “Amazing changes can occur in the most surprisingly small amounts of time.”

This book coaches readers to realize their full potential by focusing on four fundamental truths:

1.Change begins to happen the moment you decide to change.
2.You must want to change
3.You must expect change
4.You should enjoy the process of change.

Allyson Lewis is a time management and productivity thought leader, author, executive coach and speaker.Drawing upon 30 years of experience in business, Lewis shows how she has successfully used these principles to help thousands of corporate executives, managers, sales people, entrepreneurs, accountants, and attorneys, teachers, parents and individuals change their lives by understanding the power of taking tiny steps forward everyday. These tiny steps called micro-actions build on each other and compound into dramatic improvement over time.

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