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Hurt by Pornography Use

Curtis Solomon offers husbands hope for facing their battles and restoring their relationships
Greensboro, NC—For some men, it may seem like pornography use is an issue between him and God and no one else. The reality is, however, that not only does his porn use support an industry that exploits and objectifies women, but every relationship in his life has been or is being affected, because pornography changes a person. But no relationship is impacted as much as his marriage. In Redeem Your Marriage: Hope for Husbands Who Have Hurt through Pornography (New Growth Press/April 25, 2022), Biblical counselor Curtis Solomon guides men through a process to help them understand the hurt pornography has caused and to lament the effects of their struggle on their marriage.
As a husband, what can you do when you are caught in the prison of pornography use?
It might be tempting to give up and give in, but there is hope for your struggle and there is hope for your marriage. Readers might feel weak, helpless, and powerless to change, but Solomon points them to Jesus, who is powerful and is the true source of change. In Christ the great Redeemer, it is possible to find the courage and grace to fight this battle, and hearts and marriages can be redeemed, restored, and renewed.“The primary motivation for writing this book is the desire to glorify Christ by helping others draw near to him and receive help in their struggle with pornography,” Solomon writes. “My own personal struggle with pornography is something that hurt my marriage. God has brought great hope, change, and healing from that hurt. I wanted to pass that along to others.”Solomon will help his readers learn to believe in the forgiveness of sins and Jesus’s power to help turn away from sin and live for God’s glory instead of momentary pleasure. God’s grace and power is what is needed to overcome the shame and guilt brought by porn use. The author helps men see that true repentance and forgiveness will help couples move forward toward healing.This book was written in coordination with Reclaim Your Marriage: Grace for Wives Who Have Been Hurt by Pornography by Jenny Solomon, Curtis’s wife. These resources used in the context of mentoring, counseling, or accountability relationships give biblical direction and hope in the midst of a difficult struggle. The Solomons know the difficulties you are going through, but they also know and have experienced the power of the gospel to bring forgiveness, change, and healing.“These books being written in tandem, designed to be used together in marriage counseling is the most distinguishing feature,” Solomon notes. “While we aren’t writing a memoir or detailed account of our story, we do bring our personal struggle into the books in open, honest, and real ways. The books are not really about us and our story but about Christ and his amazing work.”Redeem Your Marriage includes a foreword by biblical counselor Edward T. Welch. “You should know a few things about Curtis. A skilled guide has been there before you. He knows the best routes and the places that are most dangerous. Having tripped up in some of those places, he is gentle with others who fall,” Welch writes. “This is what you will receive from him. He knows that this work might be the hardest you have ever done. At those times, he comes alongside you and speaks a word of encouragement. Then he will give you one small step that seems good and doable, and you keep going.
Redeem Your Marriage: Hope for Husbands Who Have Hurt through Pornography
by Curtis Solomon
April 25, 2022 / Retail Price: $16.99
Print ISBN 978-1-64507-225-6
Religion/Christian Ministry/Love & Marriage About the Author Curtis Solomon currently serves as the Executive Director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and cofounder of Solomon SoulCare. He holds a PhD in Biblical Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he also earned a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministries and a Master of Theology in Christian Philosophy. He is a certified biblical counselor and serves as adjunct professor at Boyce College, visiting professor at various institutions, guest lecturer, and conference speaker.  Dr. Solomon is a veteran of the United States Air Force and serves on the advisory board of two ministries dedicated to helping our nation’s military community: The Mighty Oaks Foundation and Fallen Soldiers March.Dr. Solomon is the creator of the Transformation Bible Study Journal and author of Redeem Your Marriage: Hope for Husbands Who Have Hurt through Pornography.He and his wife, Jenny, have two delightful sons and live in Kentucky.Curtis Solomon can be found on Twitter (@CWSolomon) and Instagram (@drcurtissolomon). What Others Are Saying “Redeem Your Marriage is refreshingly honest and compassionate about the difficulty of the sexual struggles men face. It’s honest about how heavily porn impacts wives, as well as both the challenge and the real possibility of genuine and lasting change. Best of all, it comes from an author brave enough to be honest about his own struggle! I highly recommend it!” 
~ Alasdair Groves, Executive Director of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF); coauthor of Untangling Emotions“The porn plague has gone on long enough! I am grateful that we are seeing more and more excellent resources meant to help men who have succumbed to it and wives who have been hurt by it. I am certain that this new pair of books by my friends Curtis and Jenny Solomon will serve many couples as they redeem and reclaim a marriage that has been harmed by pornography. Those who read these books will find them helpful, challenging, encouraging, and best of all, biblical.”
Tim Challies, Blogger at; author of Epic: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History “Redeem Your Marriage is a helpful guide for both husbands struggling with porn and those who are helping other men. Curtis offers sound, biblical, and practical understanding of this struggle while showing how the corresponding heart dynamics impact every aspect of our lives. In addition, he shows how affection for Christ is the ultimate pathway forward. The appendices are invaluable for pastors to consider issues of abuse, ministry fitness, and divorce related to porn. I recommend this resource for both church members and leaders alike.”
~ Robert K. Cheong, Pastor of Care, Sojourn Church Midtown; executive director, Gospel Care Ministries; author of Restoration Story and Restore.