Are you ready to make some small changes to relaunch your career?  Do you realize the habits you might have that are holding you back?  Wendy shares some actions that can make a pivotal difference in your career.

fearlessThey talk about the difference in the work environment today and there’s no such thing as a career path now. People jump from job to job sometimes laterally and sometimes as a promotion. LinkedIn cofounder says everyone should think of themselves as an entrepreneur. Because we need the entrepreneurial mindset that comes with the ability to adapt and change which is vital to succeeding in the workforce of today. It takes courage and confidence to take those kinds of risks and make those kinds of moves. Sometimes that lack of boldness and how we perceive ourselves hinders women to move forward and be successful.  In this working environment, it is necessary to have inner confidence to make those changes.

One of the first things we need to do is to stop apologizing. Today everyone has a story and we need to own them, define them and promote them. How we present ourselves to the world either in person or online have a tremendous impact on your brand.

The discovered that we are either hardwired for confidence or we are not.   It was also discovered that success correlates more closely with confidence than it does with competence. When confidence is authentic it fosters respect. (from the Confidence Code)

Men overestimate their abilities and performance while women underestimate both.  An example is that women only apply for jobs that they think they are 100% qualified for and men will apply for jobs where they only meet 60% of the requirements.

Women overthink which is debilitating.  We think we are problem solving but we are actually overthinking and worrying.  Action and risk build confidence.  Confidence begets confidence.

She challenges us to create our own serendipity.  Be deliberate about putting yourself in situations where you can meet people and force yourself if you must, to network.  Women often feel overwhelmed and don’t make time for this.  Be thoughtful about which events you chose and make the most out of them.  It is necessary to be skilled in both social and professional settings.

wendyBranding is not Bragging.  Sharing our accomplishments is difficult for women.  Have a clear consistent message of who you are.  It is okay to have someone promote you.  Great advice on writing a new bio and keeping it up to date by researching similar positions on Linked In.  They recommend a long, short and two-line bio which was new to me.  For bios that are online you can even include links to your work.  Everyone should have a website.

Most of us are familiar with mentors and sponsors.  They recommend a board of directors.  One piece of advice is to ensure you have something specific to ask your mentor or board so they know how to help you and use both of your times wisely.

I learned a few new things and was reintroduced to some items.  The book was worth the read although I would have enjoyed the book much more had she not laced it with her political opinion.