Shoes to Die For by Laura LevineJaine Austen (no relation) is not exactly a member of the L.A. fashion scene. When she joins her neighbor Lance — shoe salesman to the stars — for lunch in a chichi little cafe that requires a better wardrobe than her elastic-waist pants, the last thing that she expects is to end up involved in anything like a complete makeover and a high fashion job.

When she gets that high-fashion job, the last thing she expects is a body stabbed with the business end of a stiletto heel.

Jaine is plucky, fun, and down to earth. Jaine’s adventures are funny and cleverly plotted. Her life beyond the mystery — including her zany parents, whom we get to know via emails that tell their completely different perceptions of the same events, and the writing group she leads in a retirement home — adds to the fun with entertaining subplots. Enjoy this book and then read the rest of the series!