SecretBond_4inA couple of former models, a Playboy Playmate, and an exotic dancer go into business together as private investigators specializing in suspicious spouses. Jamie Bond, christened James Bond by a father who really wanted a boy, is the leader of the merry band (and the daughter of the original owner), keeping all the girls in guns, spy cams, and pouty lip gloss.

Her dad lives on a house boat with a steady stream of overnight guests. When Jamie — between detective gigs at a nudist camp and a gay bar — finds an important clue pointing to the identity of the person who shot him several years before, he wants her to drop it.

Naturally, she won’t. She’s getting giddy over an Assistant Districy Attorney and mushy over the fashion photographer she’s known and worked with for years, but  she still has to find her father’s attacker, whether he wants her to or not.

This is a fun and frothy book, a fast-paced romp of a story with likable characters. Take the fun online quiz and find out which of the Bond agency girls you most resemble. Then read the book and enjoy.