Sixteen-year-old Onnie, newly minted adult, isn’t sure what she wants in life, but she is sure what she doesn’t want, and going off to the Interplanetary Alliance’s Academy is at the top of that list. When she purposely flunks the entrance exam, she’s certain that’s why her father commanded her and her brother Jayesh to return to Rift Watcher Station. As Onnie settles into her new life on Rift Watcher, will she find a place of her own?

Chief Medical Officer Darragh Conally has issues. And secrets. As Onnie determinedly worms her way into his life and forges a friendship he doesn’t want, those secrets come dangerously close to being exposed. But how do you tell the Captain’s daughter to back off without risking your job?

There’s something wrong with the relationship between the Galladirans and the Earthers. It’s all polite on the surface; too polite. And Onnie can feel the tension rippling underneath. How long will it be until things break wide open?






C R Simper was raised seven miles north of a small town, with two sisters, thirteen dogs, and an open sky painted every night with billions of stars. This unharried childhood allowed time for much reading, which led into a desire to create stories of worlds beyond her own. 

She is a member of the American Night Writer’s Association. She has two published short stories in the Steampunk genre. Besides writing, she has a passion for genealogy, volleyball, and bargain hunting.


Top Ten List

10 Bird/bunny watching in my yard.

9 Playing the piano

8 Bargain hunting

7 Arizona Sunsets

6 Taking long drives in the country

5 Writing and more writing

4 Researching my ancestors (or yours)

3 Walking my silly dog

2 Helping my friends

1 Dinner conversations with my family



My remaining patience expelled with a heavy sigh. “Darragh, you don’t have to keep lying to me.”

He touched my hand. “I lie to everyone. I have to. Please, don’t take it personally.”

My conflicting emotions silenced me: Blow-my-top anger at his obstinacy and the hurt of knowing he hadn’t been able to single me out of the group of people he felt he needed to lie to, was tempered by the realization he had just trusted me enough to admit he’d lied.

I drew as near to him as the transport seats allowed, so I could see his eyes. “You know what? I won’t. I owe you at least that much.”

“You don’t –”

I touched his lips to shut him up. “Yeah, today I do. But starting tomorrow, if you lie to me, I will not hesitate to call you out on it and I might even take it personally.”

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