Book Description: Noti sees ghosts and suffers strange dreams but, as her family’s dark history begins to surface, she must confront the cruelties of the past, present, and future.
Primary Possession
Noti Needran is a beautiful high school senior blessed with three lifelong best friends and parents who love her. In fact, almost everyone she knows likes her. She lives in a stately Antebellum mansion, is intelligent, makes great grades, and is on a decisive career path. Practically everything about her existence is enviable…well, except that one of her bff’s has begun to feel like so much more than just a friend, a trio of lifelong tormentors refuses to leave her alone, and a few familiar ghosts become more active every day. Noti deals with her bullies with dignity. She doesn’t even see her spirits as a distraction-until they begin to terrorize her both when she is awake and in her dreams. Noti confronts her ancestral past in a small southern town, hoping that nothing-time, place, even death-can conquer the heart.


My thoughts: Primary Possession is a very well written young adult book that kept my attention to the point I read it through in one sitting.

Noti has seen ghosts since she was four. In this story she is seeing Jessie a young black boy that worked on the plantation that has been in her family for several generations. The relationship that Noti had with her parents was refreshing for a young adult book. I enjoyed the additional story line of Noti and her friends. The book literally had me laughing out loud as her friend, Ryli relates her experiences with Jay. I won’t give any more details as I do not want to spoil it for you. I really like Dyl and would like to encourage the author to put Noti and Dyl together in the next book. Dyl is the hunky boy next door that she grew up with.  He has been in love with her forever. Noti struggles with feelings for the boy in her dreams and Dyl.    I recommend Primary Possession for young adults and more mature adults. I will definitely read more books by this author.