Randy’s third book in his The Coded Message series releases this weekend.  I had the opportunity to interview Randy Dockens at CBA Unite in July.  He is interesting and funny.   Randy has more education that most of us can comprehend.  He has a bachelors’ degree in Pharmacy and a doctorate degree in Pharmaceutics. Randy mentions in the interview that he was a pharmacokineticist.  In case you are wondering what that is; it is where you mathematically describe the concentration profile of a drug within the human body.  After all of that, Randy then got a masters in Jewish Studies and a doctorate in Biblical Prophecy.

Randy Dockens

Randy takes on some big topics in his series.  He is able to combine his education and experience into a thrilling series.

Randy has several move books coming.  Even when he was receiving rejecting letters he kept writing.  Randy’s new series will help spur your imagination as to some possible ideas for what Heaven may be like.

I visited Randy’s website and highly recommend checking it out.  He has some fascinating information on it.

If you missed our interview live while in Nashville, you can watch the replay here.


Randy Dockens books

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Amazing how a small choice can change your life forever. Luke feels he has his dream job being an astrophysicist at the Houston Aerospace Engineering Center preparing for the upcoming Mars mission. He even has a blooming romance with Sarah, a physician where he works. Life in 2089 is good–couldn’t be better. Until … until he makes that fateful choice. The decision to pick up that small piece of paper containing three simple letters plunges him into a conspiracy, forces him to face the world as he never knew it to be.

He discovers he–everyone–is being manipulated by an elite few. Does he dare try to face the answers to the questions life is now throwing at him? Or does he blissfully ignore reality and go back to his fantasy world? He chooses to face the answers, and every direction he turns points him to T-H-B. What is the well-kept secret? Is it the answer, the truth, which he seeks? Will finding it bring clarity to his life and the right path for his future? Or will it make him an enemy to the entire world?

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The danger intensifies. Luke and his friends must decide what to do with the sixty-year-old banned artifact they have stolen from the secret vault of The Six. Luke almost regrets finding it, for it bothers him to have something which has been forbidden for so many years, but he reluctantly joins the others to try and find the answers they seek from its contents. It is supposed to give them answers to the why behind the deception of the mind manipulation, the reason for the discrepancies found in the planning of the Mars mission, and is supposed to give them direction for their future. But it seems to raise more questions than provide answers.

The corruption of The Six goes even deeper than they realized, and the immunity of Luke and Sarah against the mind manipulation puts their lives, and those of their friends, in further danger. Will they gain the answers, and the truth, they seek in time to save themselves?

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The stakes are raised. Luke and his friends spy on The Six to better understand the deception it is providing to the world. They each continue with their normal jobs to try and appear as if nothing is unusual, but The Six begin to suspect they have become traitors to their cause. Yet, Luke, an astrophysicist, and Sarah, a physician, are needed to keep the Mars mission on time. One of Luke’s friends discovers a puzzle that leads them to a deeper understanding of what may happen in their future, but it opposes the message The Six is trying to tell the masses.

Luke and his friends attempt to spread their new-found information to as many people as possible while trying to stay under the radar of The Six. If discovered, they will be on a one-way ticket to Mars themselves with no hope of returning. Will they be successful, or will they all have to start new lives on Mars?

Randy Dockens

Randy DockensI grew up in the South, but have lived north of the Mason-Dixon line for many years now. It seems funny now, but growing up I was told I talked like a Yankee, but after moving north, I am told I talk like a Southerner. Go figure! Science has always been an interest of mine, as well as the Bible, and both have shaped my perspective on just about everything. Yet, I think I have always had a creative side, too. It’s just taken longer for it to surface through all the science, I guess.

I have a doctorate in both pharmacokinetics (mathematical description of drug concentrations in the body) and in Biblical prophecy. I want people to understand that both science and faith can exist together, and, in fact, go hand in hand. In addition, I believe our future will be a positive one and be scientifically advanced where technology itself will become a way one can offer up worship. I like for my books to be both fun to read and have a strong scientific bent to them. I, with my wife and kids, live outside Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

You can visit my website at www.randydockens.com