Top 10 Favorite Things (in no particular order)

rachelBy Rachel Rossano

  1. Family – I married my hero, and we have three rambunctious kids who love to talk. Our house is almost never completely quiet, but it is full of fun.
  2. Writing – This one is a bit of a given considering why we are gathered here today, but it always on my favorites list.
  3. Books – Fiction, nonfiction, picture, and children’s books, I love them all. They fill our house to overflowing and yet we are still buying more at birthdays and Christmas time. Yeah, we are all a bit obsessed with books.
  4. Words – I love learning new words, playing with words to get the right turn of phrase, and using them in word games (which I rarely get to play). My oldest is constantly asking words mean and we love looking up definitions together.
  5. Movies – I think this love is akin to my love of books. I enjoy storytelling in many mediums, including film. I can learn some new approaches too. If I read the book, I definitely want to see the movie. If I watched the movie and liked it, I will probably read the book.
  6. Book Cover Design – This is my hobby, sort of. Designing book covers started as a way to cut my costs as an indie author. Now I do it for other authors too and love it.
  7. My Church Family – I love fellowshipping with them, worshiping with them, and generally spending time with them.
  8. Friends – They are a joy to be around and fun to spend time with whenever we get a chance. It doesn’t matter if I have met them in person or never been in the same state with them because all of our relationship has been online, they are a great part of my life.
  9. Talking about Writing and Books – Though this isn’t technically a thing, it is a favorite. I love chatting about my ‘work’. There is a reason I write, design, and publish; it is because I love my job.
  10. My Laptop – None of this (writing, books, chatting about writing) would be possible without my laptop and a good internet connection. I am very thankful for my line to the outside world while I am raising and educating my children. Without it, I might go a bit crazy…or read a lot more books.

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