Molly Malone’s life as a political staffer is all about catered dinners, meet and greets, and spreadsheets — not to mention scandal, spying, and dangerous intrigues among the great and powerful.

Oh, and murder.

Now her childhood friend Samantha, a Southern belle with a distinguished clientele for the “lessons” she offers in her swanky home, has had a death on the premises. Is it a suicide… or is it murder?

The investigation is bringing up a lot of old secrets, and that’s the last thing anyone in D. C. wants — except Molly, whose niece was brutally murdered, and who is beginning to think that the death at Samantha’s place is in some sinister way connected. Molly’s congressman husband also died tragically, and the whole thing is beginning to seem overwhelming, even before Molly finds herself on the watch list of some shadowy players.

This is the second in the Molly Malone series, by the author of the Knitting Mystery series. There’s a bit of romance, a lot of suspense, and enough local color and inside knowledge to make you feel like you’re in the exotic world of capital politics.