Join us for a very fun interview with Peggy Consolver who is the author of Kasey’s Question: Who Will I Marry.  Peggy shares the challenges of writing a children’s books even though it is only 144 words.

Peggy Consolver

We interviewed Peggy a couple years ago and I recommend watching her interview on the More Than a Review blog. In that interview, she talks about her book; Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer.  Specifically how rich in biblical history it is.

Peggy shares about her daughter’s two books:  How to Manage your Home without Losing your Mind and Decluttering at the Speed of Life.  I have read and reviewed Decluttering at the Speed of Life and reviewed it on her website.  A Slob Comes Clean is the website of Peggy’s daughter; Dana K White.

She reveals a helpful tidbit about using yellow on the pages.

If you missed our live interview, you can watch the replay below.

Kasey’s Question: Who Will I Marry

This book captures a day in the life of two five-year-olds.

Kaseys Question

Though they are many miles and years apart, they will find each other when the time is right. Kacey’s Question… “Who Will I Marry?”. by Peggy Miracle Consolver and delightfully illustrated by Barbara Jones, captures the whimsical nature of five-year-olds and their zest for discovering, and explaining, the next big mystery in life.

Children ask the best questions. Having answers for their thoughtful questions that can matter for a lifetime, is the hard part. Mother’s answer to Kacey’s question is wisdom distilled from years of the author’s experience with her own daughter’s and grandson’s questions―twenty-five years apart. questions like, “Mommy, who will I marry?” or “How do starfish breathe?”


Peggy Miracle Consolver

Born a Miracle, the third of six, Peggy grew up on a wheat farm in southwest Oklahoma. She cooked for wheat Peggy Consolverharvesters by age twelve while mother and father worked in the field. Coming from a family heritage of Appalachian storytellers, she did not hear a new joke until she was twenty-eight years old.

Peggy graduated from Grandfield High School and met her husband George in college. They graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, OK. She taught shorthand, typing, and business law in a north Dallas high school.  She also worked as executive secretary for a construction company in Austin, TX. Peggy delighted in her two children as a stay-at-home mom volunteering at their schools, with Girl Scouts, and in the neighborhood. She loves teaching Sunday school and women’s Bible studies where she emphasizes digging deeper into the story.