I loved meeting Sylissa Franklin at Boucheron and look forward to sharing more about her in this blog!

In the long-form interview below, Sylissa shares some great tidibits including how she likes to use the reader’s imagination to scare them in her cozy mysteries and her romantic suspense books. A few topics we also discussed:

  • What she would have told her younger writing self
  • How she handwrote her first novel over lunch.
  • How the beta readers had an impact on what she edited out of a book. How real-life may end up in a book.

I loved her advice at the end for other shy ladies out there.

Check out her interview here:

I also did a Facebook Live with Sylissa, which you can view here on Facebook here: Sylissa Facebook Live


More about Sylissa Franklin

Sylissa writes mystery with adventure…and a little romance. She loves to travel, and each of her trips adds new ideas for my writing. As a storyteller, she is always looking for adventurous ideas to share. Her writing style has been influenced by Mary Stewart, Ellery Queen, Clive Cussler, and watching lots of Alfred Hitchcock presents.

Besides novels, she is published in both short stories and poems. As a child, she wrote short plays and my siblings and would present them to their parents. That made for some interesting Saturday nights. She learned how to create exciting tales through the use of words. It has been a lifelong lesson for her that we can scare ourselves silly with our own imagination.

Sylissa lives in Idaho with her Great Dane. And when she’s not writing, she’s planning her next adventure.

About her book

Pearls … for Better or for Worse

You think marriage can be tough? Try surviving the week before the wedding. Volunteering as her best friend’s wedding planner, Sierra Scott finds herself dealing with a major Bridezilla meltdown, diva bridesmaids, ego-maniac groomsmen… and a stranger who is out for revenge.

A single kiss can change everything.

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