Stephanie Plum, Janet Evanovich’s hapless bounty hunter heroine, has some wild skips to chase this time: a large scale embezzler who disappeared from the hospital, a guy with a Hawaiian tiki which causes people to make bad decisions, and a nice middle aged lady who wants to become a prostitute (Stephanie’s sidekick Lula sets her straight on that plan).

She also has a side job with Ranger, the uber-hot guy who keeps her safe — and tempts her when she’s not with Joseph Morelli, the guy she might eventually marry. Ranger’s dealing with particularly scary threats on his life, and that of an old service buddy who’s about to get married. Stephanie is going to that wedding as maid of honor and as Ranger’s date… his heavily armed and wired date.

Will Stephanie live through the wedding? Will she get her targets before they get her? Will she make a decision at last between Ranger and Morelli? You’ll have to read the book to be sure.

Of course there are exploding cars, Stephanie’s goofy grandma and beleaguered parents, large quantities of junk food, and hairsbreadth escapes.

This book is well written, deftly plotted, and fun to read, like all of Evanovich’s books. Enjoy an excerpt of Notorious Nineteen on Evanovich’s website.