IMG_5919[2]Nancy approached me at CBA United and asked if we would interview her.  Admittedly I had not reached out to her first because I thought the story was heartbreaking.  Though once I met her and understood her story, I realized her story is a story of freedom and of feeling God’s unconditional love and acceptance.  Nancy is transparent and encouraging to anyone experiencing guilt and grief.

We wanted to share some of our takeaways from Nancy’s interviews:

  • One of the biggest challenges of writing the book was the editing process.
  • Godly conviction vs guilt
  • Unconditional love and acceptance
  • Keep listening to what God has to say and not what everyone else is saying
  • Paralyzing guilt and self-condemnation are not from God
  • Book contains tips and strategies for dealing with a crisis and the aftermath of one
  • Tips for friends and family on how to help someone during this experience
  • Do you think I am beautiful by Angela Thomas – Book Recommended by Nancy


nancy magargleNancy Magargle, author, speaker,

Nancy Wright Magargle, licensed chaplain with the International Alliance of Chaplain Corps, is a speaker and writer who captivates her audiences with her passion, enthusiasm, honesty, and warm conversational style. She is a member of the Authors Guild and The Jerry Jenkin Writers Guild. She grew up in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania where she and her husband Ron have enjoyed rearing their four children. A member of Stonecroft Ministries, Nancy has spoken to hundreds of people across Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey about the lessons God taught her surrounding her daughter’s death and her own subsequent crisis of faith. Nancy’s passion is that others will experience God’s love so that they can be released from the burden of guilt and receive God’s healing and comfort.

a time to dieAbout The Book

A Time to Die, A Time to Live is Nancy’s story of loss, hope and redemption after her daughter’s death drove her into deep spiritual crisis. Mired in self-doubt and grief, she questioned how God could ever love her after she had made such an agonizing decision. A piercing letter from an internationally recognized spiritual leader further deepened her torment, paralyzing her very soul. But she persevered in her search for meaning—even renewed faith—in the face of unimaginable despair.

Nancy catapulted into a crisis of life and faith after withdrawing life-support from her critically injured daughter. This story will help you move through the grief process and beyond the guilt associated with loss to a place of intimacy with the Lord.

Nancy grapples with a crisis of faith while struggling to know God’s will when facing end-of-life decisions for her child and learns to recognize and recover from false guilt as she seeks to reconnect with God in the aftermath.

You can learn more about Nancy and her book, A Time to Die; A Time to Live at the links below.