murder-strikes-a-poseKate Davidson loves her yoga studio, even though it’s sometimes a struggle to keep the business in the black. She also loves yoga, so she enjoys the long hours she spends at the studio. Those long hours, however, mean that when a homeless man with an aggressive dog decides to sell newspapers outside her door, she’s affected on both a personal and a professional level.

Kate invests plenty of time, money, and attention into solving the problem in a way that will work for her, her studio, the homeless man, and the dog. She even gets to know the pair — George and Bella — and to like them. When George is killed right outside her studio, the police dismiss it as yet another drunken brawl that goes wrong, but Kate just can’t accept that. She is determined to find out who killed George, and to find a home for Bella.

There are lots of details about yoga and dogs in this book, a bit of romance, and some funny scenes with Kate and her feisty friends. The story is fast-paced and light, with a good sense of place. Kate is a little bit goofy, but very determined, and readers will want to get to know her better. Fortunately, this is the first in a planned series.