Monette Michaels is an attorney by profession.  When she started writing books she could control that the good guys would win.  She is like several of us that cut her teeth on Nancy Drew.

Monette MichaelsMonette writes mostly romantic suspense/thrillers and paranormal. The romantic suspense is the SSI series which is the book that I am starting.  Many of us want to read about Keely.

With her husband being a doctor, she has asked him many questions when writing books.  And he is very popular at writer conferences.

Her alpha males have beta hearts and are respectful of women.  She writes really strong women that also find it to be nice when the male keeps her safe.

Eye of the Storm

Monette shares how the story for Keely in the SSI series came about. Eye of the Storm is her story which I have and I am excited to start it.

She shared her favorite book in the series is Risto’s story; Cold Day in Hell.  She has a couple free novellas that you can download here.

Monette gives credit to her manicurist for finishing her first book.

You cannot be a seat of the pants writer if you are plotting a murder. I was fascinated to think of the plots in the frame of an Agatha Christie or a Columbo.

Facebook Live interview with Monette Michaels

About Monette:

A Hoosier born and raised, Monette lives in the heartland near Indianpolis, Indiana.

After obtaining her law degree, she worked in a small general practice, attempting in her own way to right wrongs and fight the good fight. Little did she realize that all those clients, opposing counsel and the problems she handled would jump start the need to write fiction. But after twenty years in law, she did just that — started writing. First, romantic suspense, then adding paranormal romance and science fiction romance, then adding a sexier side (as Rae Morgan).

She still practices law – – but writing is her passion.

Monette is married to her college sweetheart and has one son and a cat. The cat is the boss.

Monette (and Rae) love to hear from her fans. Rae Morgan has her own Author Central page, please visit her there.

She is an attorney with a science background and her husband is a pathologist.