I am not sure if we fell in love with Mimi or the pillows first.  Mimi is delightful and the pillows are lovely.  Mimi designed the pillows to encourage tweens with the inspirational messages.  Mimi explains where the idea came from in her interview. In our interview Mimi shares all the features of the pillow and her motivation for wanting to create the product.



TheBelovedLive:   We hope these Modern, Inspirational, and Multi-functional Pillows will COMFORT, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE you with their soft plush, vibrant, happy appliquéd designs, and encouraging messages! We’ve included a bookmark hang tag with the verse and a short explanation, along with a “Shine” plush clip to share with a friend. The cuddly “Pillows-on-the-GO” are designed for traveling, and include a patent pending shoulder strap with mobile phone holder.

Our new BeLOVED Life plush pillows are created to encourage kids of all ages & backgrounds to feel unconditionally LOVED, VALUED, & ACCEPTED.