More Than a Review is excited to kick off summer with the Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway blog hop.  There are more than 100 authors and bloggers participating.  

I have chosen Field of Daisies as my book to give away.   I met Barbara Hattemer at ICRS last July.  She was a very interesting lady and I was excited to read her books.  You will be moved by Field of Daisies.

field of daisies

Book Description: She knew it was love when he wove a chain of daisies for her hair. Andrea and Lans Mulder met as young teenagers on Andrea’s family farm in Pennsylvania, renewed their romance as young adults during an enchanted week in Paris, and married in a storybook wedding in a field of daisies. With two growing children, their life has been as close to perfect as you can imagine. But when the destructive degenerative disease of Alzheimer’s strikes the third generation of Andrea’s family, can even a made-for-each-other couple stand strong-and stay together? Especially when Andrea herself faces the worst news of her life? A poignant story of hope, faith, and determination to beat seemingly impossible odds. WITH A SPECIAL FOCUS ON ALZHEIMER’S. Newsflash: New research in the field of epigenetic science reveals we have the potential to influence even our genetic code. Don’t miss this story that will touch your heart and just might change yours-and your family’s–life for generations to come.

My review: Field of daisies is an emotional and moving story of the family dealing with Alzheimer’s from one generation to another. Andrea has flashbacks from happy times with her grandparents to times when one of them suffers from Alzheimer’s and the changes that occur. Present day she is dealing with her mother’s Alzheimer’s. There’s a romance woven into the story starting with how she meets Lans, her first love, at a very young age and how they stay in contact for the next several years. The story transitions between past and present as Lans and Andrea try to work through the toll that dealing with an Alzheimer parent brings into the family. I highly recommend this very moving book. A lot of scripture references on how to lean on God and how to overcome what you consider generational issues. The romance in the book is fictional however the author has had experience with Alzheimer’s in her family and was told that she will have it. I met the author at ICRS in St. Louis this year. She was a wonderful and charming lady. This story shows the very real strain that caring for an Alzheimer’s parent can have on your marriage and on your family. The situations in the book are very authentic and real.

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