Marilyn and I share a love of lighthouses.  She started with writing a blog about lighthouses and a devotional.  Then on one of her trips she was intrigued by the history and it became a novel, Rebel Light.  This is now a series where each book is a different lighthouse.

Marilyn shares a little bit about each of the books and their story.

MarilynMarilyn Turk bio:

Marilyn Turk’s roots are in the coastal South, born and raised in Louisiana, now a Florida resident. A multi-published author, she loves history and likes to put her fictional characters in real events of the past. A fascination for lighthouses spawned her popular weekly lighthouse blog, and inspired her to write Lighthouse Devotions. She has published two historical fiction books so far – The Gilded Curse, a 1942-era suspense, and Rebel Light, a Civil War suspenseful love story and Book One of the Coastal Lights Legacy series.

guilded curseThe Gilded Curse: Will the young heiress be the next victim of her family’s curse?

January, 1942

After her brother is killed at Pearl Harbor, Lexie Smithfield returns to Jekyll Island to handle the disposition of Destiny, the family’s impressive vacation cottage. Ten years before, the family quit coming to the exclusive Millionaire’s Club after a series of freak accidents. Her mother believed God cursed the island. Locals say it’s haunted.

Russell Parker, whose family has worked at the Jekyll Island Hotel since it opened in 1887, knows many secrets. For the past ten years, he has kept his promise to Lexie’s brother and kept quiet about the incident that ended the Smithfield’s resort vacations. But when Lexie and Russell meet again as adults, familiar feelings of friendship mix with new, more intimate feelings of attraction.

With the resort’s popularity in decline due to the Depression and war, many of the cottages remain abandoned, casting a cloud of gloom over the island. With German U-boats offshore, Lexie faces daily threats to her safety as well as her own fears of rejection.

Is Lexie’s destiny cursed by her family’s history? Or will Russell help her learn the truth and find peace for her trouble heart?

rebel light wLighthouse Devotions: 52 Inspiring Lighthouse Stories

Lighthouses—inspiring, symbols of hope, refuge, safety, security, and strength. People the world over are drawn to them and what they represent. Every continent has at least one lighthouse guarding its shores, warning mariners of danger and showing them where they are. God’s Word does the same for everyone. Yet it not only provides daily guidance but also eternal direction for safety and well-being. It is no surprise, then, that God used the term “light” to represent what He and His Word are to mankind. Lighthouse Devotions are stories about real lighthouses and people who lived in them, and how these stories demonstrate biblical principles found in God’s Word.

rebel lightRebel Light: A Coastal Lights Legacy Novel

She ran away from the war only to find herself in the middle of it. Who will protect her now?

It’s 1861, Florida has seceded from the Union, and residents of Pensacola evacuate inland to escape the impending war. But Kate McFarlane’s impulsive act of rebellion changes her life and that of many others in ways she never expected.
As a result, Kate finds herself with an eccentric aunt in an unfamiliar place. Lieutenant Clay Harris, a handsome Confederate officer, offers a chance for romance, but his actions make Kate question his character. When a hurricane brings an injured shipwrecked sailor from the Union blockade to her aunt’s house, Kate fights attraction to the man while hiding him from Clay. She’s determined to warn her sea captain father about the blockade, but needs someone to help her. Who can she trust – her ally or her enemy?