Something is amiss with the banks of Ankh-Morpork, and Lord Vetinari has just the man to fix the problem: Moist Lipwig, the man who (in Going Postal) got the post office on its feet. True, Lipwig was a con man for most of his life, but who better to make money where there currently seems to be only enough for the unsavory family that owns the bank?

Economics has its place in the story, but there’s lots more: a golem who has decided to be female and is trying hard to be a lady, a villain with an unhealthy fascination  with Lord Vetinari, a chain-smoking heroine with an army of golems, the wizards of the Unseen University and their infinite cabinet of wonders, Igor in the basement creating wealth with glass tubes and bubbling liquids in the Glooper, and a  dog who happens to be chairman of the Royal Bank.

Pratchett’s Discworld books are invariably funny, fast-paced, and brilliant, and Making Money is no exception. Whether you approach it as a witty satire on economics or as a great story with a dastardly villain and a flawed but resourceful hero, this fantasy is a don’t-miss book.