Interviewing Lisa Miller-Rich was fun and inspiring.  Not surprising, she demonstrates joy in her character throughout the interview.  Lisa found 218 verses in the NIV version of the bible related to Joy. She uses these verses for each devotion.  Every entry has a scripture reference.  Intentionally she made space in the book for the reader to write out the scripture. She also  provides a space for you to share what this means to you at this time.

In addition, she added 175 key words in the back for when you are looking for joy in a specific situation. She shares a bible study that she is creating to compliment the book.

If you missed our live interview while in Nashville; you can watch a replay of it here.

218 Ways to Own Joy- Purchase

218 ways to own joyAre you aware the Bible speaks about handling stressful family gatherings with joy? Not only this, but it addresses a host of other surprising joy-truths, as well. What if there was a way to experience joy no matter what life throws? The key is to understand the many voices of joy and to learn to listen for them. At times, joy sounds like a roaring, belly laugh. At others, it’s a quiet heartbeat from God assuring you, “I’m here.”

God has 218 of these joy-aha moments waiting for you in the pages of this book. Through a combination of journaling and engaging observations by the author, you’ll explore all 218 verses in the Bible containing the word ‘joy’. By the end, you’ll know how to tap into God-given joy that may have proven elusive through all other means. Whether you’ve studied the Bible for years or you’re new to the journey, get ready for joy to be yours.


Lisa Miller-Rich

Peace – Power – Purpose

Ordained pastor, author, blogger, and speaker, Lisa Miller-Rich brings the message of God’s Word with logic, humor and earthy truth.

Lisa Miller-RichA graduate of Lincoln Christian University, Lisa has served as Pastor of Local Outreach at churches in Illinois and Tennessee. Living in the outskirts of Nashville, she serves on the leadership team for the Southeast Region of Christian Women in Media and is a professional blogger for the National Christian Women in Media Association.

Lisa seeks to share God’s ideas in ways that help people take their next step in growing stronger and living lives filled with peace, power, and purpose.

For every good thing Lisa sees God do, her signature phrase–“Glory Up”–comes spilling across her lips!