Celebrate fireworks

It’s been more than six months since we introduced our book spotlights and author spotlights and so far they’ve been a great success!

Each month, we at More Than A Review have featured books from authors across many genres. We’ve also had two exclusive author spotlights.

To celebrate the MTAR spotlight program, we’ve decided to expand the offerings that goes with each spotlight to include extra social media exposure. That’s right, not only will the books be featured in a newsletter sent to about 4,000 people, it will also be mentioned again to more than 6,000 Facebook fans throughout the week!

Here’s what it would look like:

Books Spotlight: $25 per spot

Send us a book image, book description up to 150 words to include the genre and two buy links. If the book has been reviewed in our database we will include a link to the review. You may also include a category such as New Release, Sale, Clean, etc. if it applies.

The Book Spotlight newsletters will go out on the second and fourth Wednesdays each month. The same week that your book is highlighted in the newsletter we will make an additional mention of it on Facebook a few days later.

Your information and payment will need to be received by the first and third Wednesday to make it into the newsletter for the corresponding following week. To submit your information, simply fill out this easy form.

Author Spotlight: $150

We also offer an Author Spotlight for $150. An Author Spotlight is when you are the focus of the newsletter—no other books will be highlighted.

It includes an author image and bio, and up to 4 book images, descriptions and buy links. We will work with you on the timing of the author spotlight in case you want it to coincide with a new release. In addition to the newsletter, we will feature each of the books in the spotlight in a separate Facebook update throughout the week.

Payment through PayPal to donna@morethanareview.com


Doesn’t this sound great? Celebrate with us and sign up today for a book spotlight or author spotlight. Know an author who could use some exposure? Share this blog with them today!