Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

In this follow up to Desperate Housedogs, pet therapist Caro Lamont gets involved with the pet art world. Cats and dogs who paint and the agents and PR wizards who represent them may be a specialized area of the art world, but they’re stirring up emotions among Caro’s friends, relatives, and neighbors — including new neighbor April Mae “Call Me June,” the long-lost sister of the owner of a pair of feline painters.

Has April Mae turned up suspiciously conveniently, after not having seen her sister since they were children? Is it getting more suspicious when it turns out that she’s going to inherit a fortune from her sister? How about when she buys a new vehicle from a mobster?

Caro’s keeping an eye on April Mae for handsome Detective Malone and otherwise is supposed to be keeping her nose out of the police investigation, but it’s hard for her to resist — even though she has dogs and cats to counsel, issues at the office, art salon openings to attend, and a little bit of romance on the side. Oh, and the ongoing, occasionally larcenous rivalry with her cousin.

One thing’s sure: things are getting more exciting by the minute — and they may get dangerous, too!