Interviewing Jeff Dixon author of a series of Disney mysteries was a thrill.  In addition, to being a pastor and author, Jeff is enjoyable to talk to. Each time we ran into Jeff on the conference floor, we thought of more things to ask him and stuff to talk about.

The lead characters in the series is Grayson Hawkes who is a pastor.  Hawes is given the Key to the Kingdom which starts him on an adventure.  He is faced with a choice to be a pastor or research.  He faces tough challenges and choices.  Jeff explains why Disney is such an inspiration and he shares his favorite Disney movie.


If you missed Jeff’s Facebook live interview with us you can view it here.

jeff dixonJeff Dixon is one of the rare people who can call themselves Orlando natives. When he had the chance to spend time in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom before it opened to the general public, Jeff was immediately in awe of the Disney magic. He later became a cast member, and has created countless memorable moments within the Walt Disney World resort over the course of his lifetime. Jeff holds degrees in sociology and theology. His research of and experiences at Walt Disney World inspire him to collect theme-parkology. His calling as a Transformational Architect has made him an expert in storytelling methodology. And he has blended all of these ologies together to create a unique view of the world of Disney. Jeff’s desire is to see every individual become the best version of themselves, and he believes life is not only a precious gift but a compelling adventure waiting to be lived.

kingdom books

The Key to the Kingdom is the book that started the series.

Grayson Hawkes learns how imaginative and elaborate Walt Disney World is when he accepts an invitation one sunny day from a trusted friend landing him in a world he never knew existed. Innocently driven by curiosity he finds himself immersed in a heroic adventure. Barely escaping a late night encounter, he finds himself desperately trying to solve a mysterious disappearance while trying to stay ahead of those who are chasing him. Hawkes quickly realizes that unraveling the clues is essential if he is to discover the truth. He navigates through the kingdom where knowledge of seemingly unimportant Disney facts and some divine help are the only way he can discover the lock that can be opened by an ancient key. His world becomes even more complicated when he is captivated by a mysterious woman, causing him to make a series of choices that takes his faith to the brink. Each step is fueled with heart pounding intensity carrying him deeper into a thrill ride of secrecy. Within the walls of Walt Disney World is more mystery than one imagination can contain. Here Disney Trivia is not a game; and the ancient key is the only way out!

Unlocking the Kingdom

Uncanny knowledge about Walt Disney and the worlds he created has granted Grayson Hawkes the key to the kingdom. His meteoric rise to the top of the most innovative company on the planet has thrust him into the spotlight—and his future holds unlimited possibilities.

In this sequel to The Key to the Kingdom (Deep River Books 2010), author Jeff Dixon intertwines mystery and history. This time, Hawkes must protect the kingdom he has been given from those who desire to have it as their own—because, even in Walt Disney World, there are those who want to take what is not theirs. Navigating tourists, an intriguing reporter, and the spotlight of media attention, Hawkes will uncover more secrets, recall more fascinating Disney trivia, and remember that the art of telling a great story is sometimes found in the details.

The stakes are high and the risks are real as Hawkes races against the clock to keep the kingdom safe. It’s a heart-stopping, breathtaking adventure as he unravels the mystery of the man, the myths, and the worlds of Walt Disney.

If you are a Disney fan, then bonus for you! But don’t let the Disney fool you—this fictional, pulse-racing adventure will have you flipping pages and trying to unravel the clues, as Grayson Hawkes discovers how Walt Disney created every detail of Disney World for such a time as this. Jeff Dixon has done it again with this thrilling sequel based on what some refer to as the Most Magical Place on Earth. Magical doesn’t even begin to explain it…

Storming the Kingdom

Grayson Hawkes considered the cryptic clue:“Your journey so far was just the start, to bring you to this crossroads. You had to be entrusted with the things Walt created before you could be entrusted with the secrets of Walt himself. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense to you . . . yet. But trust me, it will.”
Hawk’s wildest dream was fulfilled when he was placed in charge of the international entertainment empire Walt Disney created. But living the dream is not only hard work—it’s dangerous business, because the heroes and villains surrounding Hawk are very real, and they’re playing for keeps.
In Storming the Kingdom, the much-anticipated third installment in the Dixon On Disney series (The Key to the Kingdom; Unlocking the Kingdom), author Jeff Dixon once again blends fact, history, and Disney trivia together to draw an action-packed page turner.
This time, Hawk must solve a mystery that will drive him into a past he never knew existed, to change a future where the entire world is depending on him. Racing against the forces of evil, the hands of time, and the fury of nature, Hawk must navigate the blurry line between right and wrong, trusting that his beliefs, his wisdom, and his uncanny knowledge of all things Disney will help him protect a shocking secret—something conspiracy theorists have speculated about for years. But how far is Hawk willing to go? Is he willing to die?

Terror in the Kindgom

The terror is real.
Grayson Hawkes is living every Disney fan’s dream. He’s in charge of the beloved international empire, with access to all the fantastical worlds created by Walt Disney himself. But hidden within the dream, secrets and danger lurk. Because in the world of Disney, there are always heroes and villains. And winning or losing is a matter of life and death.
In Terror in the Kingdom, the highly anticipated fourth installment in the Dixon on Disney series (The Key to the Kingdom, Unlocking the Kingdom, Storming the Kingdom), “Hawk” must not only protect the highly coveted secrets of Walt Disney, he must also save those closest to him. The future hangs in the balance. The terror is real.
Hawk is on the brink of uncovering Walt Disney’s deepest, most influential secrets. First he must locate the mysterious fourth Imagineer, who holds the final piece of the mystery. But Hawk’s deadly opponents seem to stay one step ahead. Could they have infiltrated the ranks of those he trusts?
Author Jeff Dixon once again weaves together fact, history, and trivia to create an action-packed page-turner, best described as faction. Readers are left to figure out where facts end and fiction begins. With his uncanny knowledge of the inner workings of the Most Magical Place on Earth, Dixon offers Disney fans their ultimate wish: the adventure of experiencing Walt Disney World from the inside out.