Primary PossessionDo you enjoy getting to know the characters in more depth?  I asked Toni some questions about Noti.  I think you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Where does Noti go when she’s angry?

Like most teenage girls, at first, she just wants to be alone when she’s angry, and she finds solitude in her bedroom, but she also finds sanctuary at her pond because it is where she spends so much time with her friends.

What is her biggest fear?

She is most afraid of admitting her own feelings when it comes to her best guy friend, Dyl. Her anxiety is complicated by her feelings for someone else because she realizes she can’t split her feelings between Dyl and anyone else, even if that someone else is a ghost. She loves him too much for that, and she is terrified of losing Dyl if they become more than friends and things don’t work out.


Secondary Sighting

What makes her laugh out loud?

Her best friend Ryli makes her laugh out loud because, when Ryli gets excited, which is often, she can barely contain herself. She’s a bouncing-off-her-toes, squealing ball of energy who talks in fast-forward mode until she runs out of breath. Most of all, though, she makes Noti laugh because, unlike Noti, Ryli lives without hesitation. Noti is cautious by nature, but Ryli is spontaneous and hilariously direct in her delivery of her experiences.

It’s Saturday at noon. What is Noti doing? 

She is definitely hanging out with her three best friends, Ryli, Dyl, and Jay. If it’s warm outside, they are hanging out in and around the pond in Noti’s back yard. During winter months, if she is alone, sometimes she is reading, but more times than not, she and Ryli are already together, probably because Ryli has spent the night, and they are planning what they will do with Dyl and Jay later that evening.

What is her most treasured possession?

Noti’s friends and family are the most important things in her life, past and present, but as inanimate objects go, she is particularly fond of a necklace Dyl gives her because it is a symbol of how long they have cared about each other and how resilient their relationship is.

If Noti could change one thing about herself, what would it be?

She would be more like Ryli and take chances without over-analyzing every move she makes.

What does she most value in your friends?

Their unconditional love and absolute loyalty are irreplaceable.