Becky Harling is full of energy and enthusiasm.  She is the author of How to Listen to People will Talk.   She shares how the book came about.  Becky asked her daughter how well she listens.  Her daughter shared truthfully and it encouraged Becky to really learn how to listen.

Becky HarlingThe secret to great relationships is the ability to listen to another person’s heart without correcting or fixing.   This is a great book for work people to learn how well they are listening to their coworkers.  In addition, it is amazing results for families as they start listening and truly talking to each other.

Quick tips that you can put into practice immediately.

  1. Learn how to ask great questions that do not require a yes or no answer.
  2. Silence your inner fixer.   People want to process their feelings and they can do this as they are talking.
  3. Learn how to be fully present in the moment.

More tips are in the book.

At the end of each chapter she gives you a way to practice.

The people in our life are precious.  And they are dying to feel heard by you.   The effort you put into disciplining yourself to be a better listener will strengthen the relationship.

How to Listen so People will Talk

How to listenNo relationship is perfect–but it can be better. The secret to stronger relationships isn’t to become more charming or funny or to solve the world’s problems or to just try harder. All you have to do is listen. It’s that simple.

Yet our noisy culture hasn’t equipped us to do this. With warmth and a touch of humor, personal coach and expert communicator Becky Harling shares simple, practical listening tools that will help you become a person others are drawn to and want to spend time with, as well as how to:

  • be fully present
  • offer understanding instead of advice
  • ask great questions
  • create a sense of safety and trust
  • manage your body language and more!

When you learn to listen well, your marriage will grow stronger, your parenting will flourish, your friendships will thrive, and your influence at work will increase. You will be amazed at how one simple act can transform the hearts of others–as well as your own.


Becky Harling

Hey Friend! I’m a person who deeply values relationships. I love inspiring others to live a relationally rich life both with God and others. Every book I Becky harlingwrite will encourage you to grow in your faith so that you can become resilient in the face of life’s hurts and joyful in any life circumstance. As a survivor of cancer and childhood sexual abuse, I believe you can overcome hardship to live the life of purpose and passion that God intended you to live.

My husband Steve is the CEO of Reach Beyond, and we have four adult children and ten grandkids. I love that I get to write books and speak at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally. I also love hanging out with my kids and grandkids, drinking coffee, eating Mediterranean food, walking the beach, hiking, and traveling all over the world with Steve. Join me on my podcast Beyond Beautiful, visit me at my blog at come follow me on Facebook and Twitter and I’d love to speak at your event.