Honey Pie by Donna KauffmanHoney D’Amourvell has a secret, one which has kept her “hiding in a barn,” as she puts it, for eight years. It might be more accurate to say that she has been working in a barn, building a business as a sculptor. When her beloved aunt leaves her a building on Sugarberry island, she decides it’s time to get out of the barn and start her life anew.

Mechanic Dylan Ross has a tough past. It’s no secret — nothing is on Sugarberry — but it keeps him closed away from people just as Honey’s does. He’s an entrepreneur like Honey, too, and like her he’s alone in the world.

Can these two damaged people find love together? If the Cupcake Club — a fun and funny assortment of women who gather to bake at the Cake by the Cup bakery — have any say in the matter, they can and will. The strange thing is, the Cupcake Club usually gets a say in everything on Sugarberry.

The book is a charming, funny romance without much else in the way of a plot, but it’s clearly an episode in an ongoing story. You’ll want to read them all once you meet the characters. It’s well written, happy, and a nice, light read.

There are also recipes in the back of the book.