Happy Healthy Gut: The Natural Diet Solution to Curing IBS and Other Chronic Digestive Disorders

The statistic is shocking—80 million Americans suffer from digestive malfunction. Why is this, and what can we do about it?

Happy Healthy Gut

If you’re someone suffering from a digestive disorder, or know someone who does, then the answers to those two questions are important to you. Happy Healthy Gut is the story of how after 9 years of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), I was able to completely eradicate it in only 6 days by simply changing my diet. I didn’t need medications, surgical intervention, or any of the other alternatives that I’d heard about or known my friends to have depended on.

The answer was food. How easy is that?!

Well, I was shocked too. Not because the answer was so simple; but because nobody talks about it. My doctor had never suggested dietary tweaks. What was an incredibly simple solution to an enormously embarrassing and debilitating health problem was cleared up practically overnight—and afterwards, I needed to write about it. So I did!

Happy Healthy Gut combines stories from five people in the throes of digestive angst, with research about our current food and food systems. Topics such as factory farming, food irradiation, genetic modification, chemical additives, and body pH are a few of the unconventional topics discussed in this book. It also contains ideas for ridding oneself of tummy trouble, including meal plans and recipes that are extremely gut-friendly.

The premise of the book is that by swapping foods that are difficult to digest (animal products, processed food, sugar) and incorporating foods into your diet that your body actually recognizes as food (whole food, plant-based food), you can begin to absorb more nutrients and heal a chronically inflamed gut by allowing food to do the job for you.

Because food can either help or hinder you—but it can’t do both.

The book also encourages readers to think food-forward, a process that involves asking yourself whether or not a food is truly nutritious, or simply full of empty calories, and how that food will make you feel two hours after eating it. By choosing your food based on this approach, it becomes a win-win situation for your entire body; not just your GI tract.

Happy Healthy Gut is currently available on Amazon.ca in Canada, and Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores in the United States. Find it, read it, and heal yourself naturally, from the inside out. Literally.

Jen Brown

“Jennifer Browne is an advocate for nutrition education and digestive disorder cessation. She is passionate about promoting clean, “wholistic” food practices and avoiding the slew of “non-foods” that make up our current food system. Browne was diagnosed with IBS in 2001 and has been symptom-free since 2010 when she adopted a mindful, plant-based diet. She resides in Vancouver, Canada.”[1]

Visit her website at jenniferbrowne.org, follow her on Twitter @jennifer_browne, or like her Facebook page at facebook.com/loveyourgut.ca. Learn, love, post.