We are thrilled to have Opal Campbell share a guest post with us today on 10 Common Word Errors.  We are taking the 5th on how many of these mistakes we have made… in the last week:)


Being a writer is hard enough without having to worry about whether or not we are using the right word in our work. And sometimes just having a little sheet that helps navigate those tricky ones is a HUGE help. So, without further ado…..here is a list of some common word errors.

  1. Effect vs Affect

Effect = is a result

Affect = is an influence

  1. Less vs Fewer

fewer for items that can be counted

less for things that cannot

example: fewer marbles less time

  1. Lightning vs Lightening

Lightning is an act of nature.

Lightening is what you do to hair.

  1. Breath vs Breathe

Breath is what you take.

Breathe is what you do

  1. Rein vs Reign

Rein are the straps on a bridle used to guide a horse.

Reign is what a king does over his kingdom.

  1. Allowed vs Aloud

Allowed is acceptable.

Aloud is heard.

  1. Further vs Farther

Farther is a literal distance it is farther to the store than the church

Further is an abstract distance I’ve driven further than you

  1. Led vs Lead

Led is what you did to that group of children yesterday.

Lead is what was in the paint way back when

  1. Passed vs Past

passed = verb : we passed the store

past = location : the church is just past the store – or – it happened in the past

  1. Loose vs Lose

Loose is how we want our pants to fit.

Lose is what we want to do to weight….or an crazy ex that won’t take a hint.


opal campbell 2Opal Campbell has been a member of the publishing industry since 2008. She currently works for a growing digital first publisher as well as making a variety of video projects for authors and publishers.