Sara Adams had everything: the big house, money, position in the community, a successful husband, and a precious baby daughter. Life isn’t a storybook, of course. Her husband, Jason, instructed her in her duties as a public wife as though she were one of his many employees. She had spent countless hours alone, waiting for him to come home from his important job. until the birth of her daughter, Kaycee, in fact, Sara had felt alone too much of the time.

The the unthinkable happened: the death of her husband and the disappearance of their baby. Now Sara is truly alone.

Private eye Morgan Daniels has his own demons to contend with, from his checkered past to the death of his best friend. He’s seeking out the truth behind that death — and somehow, every path he follows leads him to Sara Adams.

Meeting her at the exhumation of her husband’s body is difficult for both of them, especially when his grave turns out to hold a terrible secret. As they struggle together through the uncovering of more and more secrets, it’s as though they’re descending into a nightmare.

Is it even possible to think that the nightmare might end in happiness?

A taught, suspenseful story, Grave Secrets should appeal to fans of romantic suspense.