Female Intelligence by Jane Heller

It’s a familiar plot line: someone makes a bet with a group of friends that he or she can change someone else. In this case, it’s sensitivity trainer Lynn Wyman, facing some seriously bad PR fallout from her own marital problems, trying to change Brandon Brock, seriously macho CEO.

Lynn is having to cope with her husband’s infidelity on an emotional level as well as a professional one, though, and she’s also having to cope with her completely unexpected response — on an emotional level — to Brock.

Not to mention the fact that it becomes increasingly clear that someone is intentionally working to destroy her career.

In among the professional and emotional upheaval, there are some interesting points about the differences in the ways men and women communicate, about friendship, and about male and female positions in society.

You might enjoy some serious thought and discussion about these ideas with your book club, but this is a romp of a book, with a good balance of romance and action.