Oliver “Tuck” Tucker is a police officer, so he knows what to do when there’s a violent death. When it’s his own death he has to deal with, though, he finds it a bit confusing.

Once Tuck figures out that he is a ghost and that he has to solve his own murder not only so he can be free to move on, but also to protect his wife and his partner, he sets to work on the case, discovering the benefits and the problems inherent in being a ghostly investigator.

The crime turns out to be much more complex than your average robbery with violence, though, and Tuck faces some serious questions. What’s going on between his wife and his partner? Does he really know the people he thought he could trust? Who are the other ghosts that keep turning up?

As the case becomes more convoluted, the threads of the story from the past are woven into the tale in a way that would be very hard to accomplish without including a ghostly investigator. O’Connor takes full advantage of the opportunity and provides a much more complex after-life experience than many other series authors who incorporate ghosts. The result is a satisfyingly layered story with plenty of twists and turns.