Dream Cast for Honor: Second Novel of Rhynan

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By Rachel Rossano

The Hero

Jerome Simon Cordale, Earl of Dentin, would be played by Gerard Butler. Butler fits Dentin’s solid build and personality. I kept thinking of Butler in the movie Dear Frankie, quiet, observant, but powerful. He needs a rough edge to his manners, a sort of constrained physicality beneath a nice facade. Butler’s eye color would be an issue because Dentin’s eyes are a dark brown, otherwise, I think he would be perfect for the role.

The Heroine

Jenna Louise Coleman would be a perfect Elsa Reeve, my heroine. Coleman has arresting dark eyes and a petite frame just like Elsa. I am sure Coleman would make quite an impression on Dentin. She definitely has the spunk. I am optimistic that she can manage the quiet intensity of my heroine.

The Hero’s Best Friend

Richard Armitage would make a great Tomas except he would need almost black, brown eyes. Tomas Dyrease is Earl of Irvaine and Dentin’s best friend. Despite his rough childhood and fighting for everything he has gained, Tomas has a softer edge and more gentlemanly manners than Dentin’s raw and intense approach.

The Villain

Honor has a few villains. Chief among them and most consistent in his nastiness is Merrill Thornton. I would choose Jonathan Rhys Meyers to play him. He seems to be capable of a grasping, greedy, revengeful demeanor.


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